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How Social Media Networking Truly Works

Having high ranking can be attributed to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  These websites widen the reach of people not merely locally but across the world. There are direct and indirect impact categories when it comes to this matter.

Social Media Marketing

The direct impact include sharing or liking posts, following people, linking different websites and simply by mentioning the brand name of a company to different outlets. The indirect impact involves creating inbound links, quotations from sources, reviewing or commenting contents and loyal followers who are frequent visitors of the websites.  Notably, inbound links and citations can definitely improve brand awareness or popularity of a website, product or service. People will find your website more if you are linked to different websites that are either similar or related to what your domain is all about.

Having lots of positive reviews equals happier followers or customers. People want guaranteed service or product and in online websites, they look for the positive testimonials. Any minor or major complaint can immediately turn off a customer by merely one click of the mouse. Customers can help any website tweak or review what it still lacks because of their power to comment, inquire or complain. These comments can either break or make a business.

Customers veer towards familiar brands through social media activities. The higher number of visitors and time spend on particular websites, the higher “time-on-site” metric. The period of time the customer spend on visiting a website again is what this is all about. It really helps when Google tracks this type of activity to gauge also the popularity of the website.

If you study how the Internet activity is going these days, you will notice how social media has enabled people to communicate more via Facebook, Twitter or Google+. People spend more time online not merely on social media sites but also on online shopping, bills payments and almost any activity you can think of that were done before offline.

Recommendation, just like in offline world, works the same way online. People gauge how they can trust a website, product or service by positive testimonials. The easier accessed websites and if these are shareable the better chance of gaining customers, authentic credibility and definitely more popularity in the social media crowd. Strong social presence has higher conversion rates and loyalty to brands. In return, this results to increase in sales, once again referrals and yes, brand awareness.

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Recovering After The Penguin Updates

Google Penguin was announced and went live April 2012. The aim of this algorithm update is to decrease the search engine ranking of websites that violate their Webmaster Guideline. With this update, it have affected 3.1% of search queries in English, and 3% of search queries in other languages.

Google’s algorithm update for their search engine have also greatly affected SEOs. Some links have gone bad, and lost. Negative SEOs have also increased. Web pages eventually lose their ranking status. It would take some time before SEO companies could recover and rebuild their links.

Recovering and rebuilding links on webpages can be time consuming and will take a lot of hard work, though it’s still very possible to reinstate I back like nothing happened.

How To Rebuild and Recover:

1. Check your inbound traffic to see if you have been affected by the changes. The update will most likely make your page’s ranking to fall, or even tag your link as an unnatural link.
2. Check if your link is over-optimized or poisoned. You can use some SEO tools to run a report on your backlinks in order to identify which are the bad links from the good ones. Also, it’s important to check which keywords have dropped.
3. Once you determined which are the bad links, it’s time to work on removing them. You may need to contact the webmasters on web pages where you have your links to have them removed.
4. Start rebuilding the links. This task will be time consuming, and a lot of effort will be needed here. In building a new link, you should consider the following so that it will be considered a “natural” link
· Brand name links
· Naked and complete URLs
· Mismatched keyword links

Tips in rebuilding links:
· Don’t make major revisions on links or webpages right away. Google is still working on their algorithm to make sure everything will be back in place.
· Try to use a fresh and original content for your webpages. Always try to update your website.
· Don’t overuse keywords, for it might affect your site, especially since the new update is in place.
· Avoid cloaking and content spinning. It would be much better to have the content rewritten, instead of using a content spinning tool.

It will take time before everything will to normal after the update. It may take a lot of time before you can recover your links and ranking, and go back to business. You just need to be patient, as the latest update will do you much better in the future. The update may have impacted a lot of SEO, but it will be for the best.

Backlink and Link Building’s Role in Search Engine Optimization

Ever wondered how a search engine generates pages based on keywords a user types in the search dialog box? Is this just a form of advertisement from businesses, and do search engines get paid to display their content? These are questions that have no doubt ran in a user’s mind at one point while using Google, Bing, or Yahoo to search for anything. So, seriously, how do search engines do it?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Be it a separate service or a part of a huge-scale marketing campaign, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a strategy used to enhance the good publicity of a website based on a targeted market’s keywords. This strategy applies to different content searches such as text, image and video.  If there is a need to optimize a website based on editing the original content or HTML codes, SEO will perform extensive adjustments to increase content’s relevance to the keyword.

What is a backlink?

This is one technique that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses to promote a site. If backlinks or inbound links are increased, there are more chances that a site will be seen by a targeted market. This can help build a business’ reputation based on its online presence and exposure. Reputable backlink is the most important structure, for example, in Google’s ranking system. If a trustworthy website links to a website awaiting exposure there will definitely be good publicity. The first thing that needs to be settled is how “link-worthy” the latter website is from being linked to the former.  Two-way communication of benefits and reasonable doubt is needed for backlink to happen. Contents that are linked from search engines’ categorized pages do not need to be manually searched for because they are found instantaneously.

Will link building defeat the purpose of a backlink?

A higher search engine ranking is the result of a creating links accurately. After all, the goal of SEO and link building is to attract the targeted market to visit the promoted website. Consequently, Link building can pave way for a natural backlink. By educating other website creators what great potential it means to build linking activities, it will increase backlinks that are built with other websites. It will be a win-win situation.

Building Links for Your Dating Site

Building links is always part of internet marketing. Whether you are an expert in search engine optimization or not, you should still include link building in your list. Even social media managers see to it that the site they are promoting has enough number of backlinks.

Since there are different niche, it is important to get backlinks from related site. Dating sites for example must gain backlink as much as possible from high authority dating sites. And when doing so, the right anchor text or target keyword should be used. In terms of local dating in UK, the common dating keywords are Leeds dating, Birmingham dating, Oxford dating, Preston dating, and Solihull dating. Of course the local searches are not restricted to the mention keywords. In many countries where online dating is very popular, the use of local terms is highly encouraged to get the targeted traffic.

When building links for your dating site, you must set clear goals and source as many good links as you can. Avoid spammy or crappy sites because it can’t improve your Google ranking nor give your site any Google juice. You can refer to the directories I have listed before to check for site listings that may interest you.

Honing Guest Blogging Techniques To Get More Links

When you are working towards your search engine optimization campaign, it is important that you utilize the concept of linking with people. Linking with people means exchanging relevant content between people in the internet to increase traffic towards your website. By establishing a healthy relationship with other people online, you can get quality backlinks, traffic to your site, get healthy exposure and even build authority for your niche.

In order for you to achieve the best results, you have to target relevant blogs. This means that you just do not comment on any random blog that you stumble upon. If your site talks about antique furniture, it may be better to comment or get linked to bloggers who also talks about the similar thing. You should also determine the blog’s value and this can be done through various online tools. Blogs having a good page rank or alexa rating are healthy blogs and are good targets. These blogs are often updated and has an About tab, has a consistent and relevant content.

Another vital factor when you are guest blogging is to make your comments and remark natural. Be sincere. Keep your message from sounding clique and at least make it sound personalized. You will sound more interested in building a healthy, and friendly relationship with the page owner rather than someone who is interested only in driving traffic to his or her site.
Do not take guest blogging for granted. Learn how to utilize it effectively and you will reap the benefits in the long run.

The Importance of Blog Commenting in Link Building

There are a couple of ways to work on your search engine optimization campaign and one of them is through blog commenting. Blog commenting can be a big factor when it comes to increasing traffic through your website. However, it is also important that you determine which blogs are suitable for you to comment on. You should comment on blogs which are relevant to your own site. Since your aim is to have the right people go to your blog through the blogs that you comment on, you cannot afford to waste time commenting on blogs visited by people who are not your market.

Furthermore, commenting on blogs that are popular can be very advantageous especially if you are working on search engine optimization. If you are commenting on blogs who have a remarkable page rank then it would be very beneficial for you. Knowing which blogs to comment on just requires a bit of research but the effort can be very rewarding. By establishing a good relationship with these blogs, you can gradually increase the traffic going through your website. At the same time, the blogs you comment on should also benefit in return so that you can maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Blog commenting may not increase traffic to your website overnight nor will it automatically index your site by search engines but, it will be a strong factor in your SEO and link building campaign.

Free Directory List from Virtual Media Options

Virtual Media Options hosts SEO-friendly directories so if you want to start your link building campaign for free, then start submitting your sites to those high-ranking directories. The sortable list is categorized by page rank and listed dates. What more, you can provide a feedback about the listed directory. You can report paid listings that are posted under the free category.

The VMOptions directory list gets updated 3-4 times a week at the very least so you can find new directories from time to time.

Free Directory Listing - High PR Directories

Just a reminder, submit your links in moderation. Having too many backlinks instantly is not good in the eyes of Google.

Quality links are acquired over time and not just overnight.

Types of Directories for Link Building

One way to get lots of backlinks is through directories. However, not all directories are created equal. While some highlights quality list with trusted directories, there are also full of spam and fake lists. What hurts even more are those that ask for reciprocal link but give you a nofollow link in return.

Basically, there are 3 common directories that you can find in the web:

Build Quality Links!

Build Quality Links!

1. General Directories
General directories are ideal for backlinks because they provide good link juice. However, even if you are listed, it will not guarantee any traffic since there are only few people who visit general directories. Most of the visitors are on the site just to submit links and not to browse the listed sites. There is also an argument as to whether or not general directories are really useful since there are few that contain spam sites and are turn into link farms.

2. Niche Directories
Niche directories is more valuable because it allows related sites to be listed. It is helpful to end-users because it is easy to look for interesting sites. Niche directories only allows relevant sites to be listed so spam are carefully screened.

3. Regional Directories
Just like niche directories, regional directories is not as broad as general lists. There are less spam and the focus is on a limited area or territory. The scope may only be within the province or country.

Quality links are easier to achieve from niche and regional directories. Though there are many free directories and mass submission is available, it is always a smarter move to go for quality than quantity.

Build Links With A Group of Bloggers

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Building links should be easy and hassle free if you know the blogging community you’re working with. At BC bloggers, it’s not just the links that are being exchanged but also blogging ideas, earning tips and more. With different niche, one would definitely enjoy blog hopping since there are lots of things to learn and plenty of interesting stuff to see in the blogosphere.

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Build Links and Get Customers with SEO-friendly Content

Some websites are designed for the objective of being profitable and that is one of the reasons why the number of websites keeps dramatically increasing. Most of these websites, nevertheless, are usually not getting more than enough traffic. Their particular content won’t include efficiently researched significant keywords that are friendly to search engines. They can’t maximize their content to build links and drive more sales.

When targeting in-content links, the page must contain SEO-friendly articles. It should not be overstuffed with keywords and senseless content. Other search engine optimization techniques can help you create back links and get more customers as your website appear in the first pages of search results.

Build Links with SEO-friendly Content

Build Links with SEO-friendly Content

The first thing to consider is the keyword. When building links, the keyword that carry the URL of your site is called the “anchor text”. When anyone surf the net, they often use keywords. Many keywords are definitely more often utilized than others. If you realize out which keywords are being used often, you might proficiently and profitably employ them in your website. This helps in the development of SEO-friendly content.

Insert keywords and key phrases consistently and also reasonably on your articles. Be sure that your keyword density does not exceed 3 – 5% within the count of words. If this is done accurately, search engine spiders or bots are going to facilitate the indexing of this articles for increased web page ranking.

Whenever people browse the net, and type the keyword mentioned in your content, the source plus a part of text are generally shown coupled with numerous others which have an equivalent keyword. This is where the competition lies when the searcher choose which one to click. Make sure that what you have appeals to readers because keywords enhance the profile of your web page.

Keyword phrases may be created from keywords. Just like keywords, key phrases strengthen web page visibility and therefore acquire visitors to your internet-site.